Pottery Experiences make amazing gifts!

There's nothing quite like eating or drinking out of a bowl or mug that's made by you. And what's more, you get to experience the art of pottery making. What could be more satisfying?

Anyone can do pottery - no special talents required!

Pottery making is one of the oldest human inventions, and although some methods and techniques require some level of skill, anyone can make pottery with the correct teaching approach. So many people attend sessions with absolutely no previous experience, feeling doubtful that they'll make anything remotely decent. But with the right potter showing and guiding you correctly, you're guaranteed to make multiple functional items.

Needless to say, a Pottery Experience makes the perfect gift as it's everything and anything except the ordinary! It's a priceless activity with maximum impact.

Tribe Pottery Studio offers Pottery Tasters for hand building and the potters wheel. So if you're looking for a pottery class in Birmingham, or a pottery class near me then head over to the Events section and explore ...

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