It's all about experiences ...

Apparently people don't want lengthy courses - they want experiences: short term, hands-on activities where they are left with a buzzing memory. It's the perfect Digital Detox!

Pottery Wheel Experience

So what's behind the clay burst?

Throwing pottery has become more popular thanks to media coverage centred around ceramic making. The Great Pottery Throw Down aired by the BBC moved pottery making to a whole new level, providing much demand for Pottery Making Activities & Experiences.

Milestone Birthday Celebrations

Why people prefer Pottery Taster Experiences:

  1. No need to commit to a lengthy course

  2. You get to have a go at trying your hand at pottery

  3. If you don't like it, you've lost nothing

  4. Dependent on the event, you'll get to make many items in one go

  5. It's the ideal gift for millennials and/or those with a hectic lifestyle

  6. Clay is a natural antidote to mobile technology

  7. A hands-on Digital Detox to empty the mind

  8. The perfect way to get some well-deserved 'you time'

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