The Power of Pottery

Discover the Therapeutic Benefits of Pottery - no matter your skill, working with clay has many positive effects.

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Pottery is a powerful artistic avenue that can be a deeply beneficial and therapeutic modality. It allows a unique form of escapism - you can relax and empty your mind, plus it's a natural therapeutic outlet (without medication).

With proven benefits for both one's physical and mental health, pottery is the perfect way to integrate self-care and creativity into your daily life.

By combining physical practice built around the primal experience of touch with emotional and creative engagement, pottery can allow you to awaken your spirit and activate your natural resilience. Working with clay provides a natural way to connect with body and breath - the malleability and immediacy of the material naturally integrates with mind-body connection, something much needed in modern days.

Did you know?

Our fingertips contain some of the densest areas of nerve endings on the human body; playing with clay and stimulating those pressure points can have immense therapeutic benefits.

The Benefits of working with clay is widespread

Pottery can be a particularly effective component for mental health therapy as it incorporates physical movement and tactile sensation with meditative practice. The process is deeply relaxing and pleasurable, providing solace from troubling thoughts. The Tribe Potter experiences the many therapeutic benefits of working with clay and can highly recommend it from personal practise.

It all begins with a ball of clay on the potters wheel. As the wheel spins, the clay begins to form; your mind switches off, and you immerse yourself into complete synergy with your surroundings. This relaxing state is where the therapeutic benefits of pottery happens.

Some of the many benefits:

  1. Engages creative energy

  2. Helps the mind and body to relax

  3. Promotes a sense of accomplishment

  4. The calming effect relieves stress & anxiety

  5. Calms a scattered mind (brain not switching off)

  6. Increases the mind-body connection and awareness

  7. The calming, meditative practise eases stress & anxiety

  8. Encourages self-expression

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